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About DJ Swole MC

What is your favorite genre? Hip-Hop? Pop? Country? A little bit of everything? Well, DJ Swole MC has a unique style that gives him the ability to seamlessly fuse mainstream hits, club bangers, remixes, and multiple genres to relate to broad variety of audiences. His knowledge of music and his ability to read body language will have you and your guests out of your seats and onto the dance floor.


In 2012 DJ Swole MC was recognized as a member of “The CORE DJ’s” which is the largest, most influential DJ group in the world. In 2018, DJ Swole MC was voted "Best New DJ" at the Glass City Music Awards. He was also featured on the cover of Toledo's Rapper's Delight Magazine. 

DJ Swole MC started spinning in Toledo, OH after discovering his passion for music while hosting alongside some of Toledo’s most prominent DJs. He has been able to master his skills and make a name for himself by landing several residencies at local clubs and bars such as The Antidote, The Royal Place, Pyramid Lounge and Missi Blue’s Sports Bar and Lounge, to name a few.

By providing a wide range of services such as mixing the hottest tracks or providing the visuals for music video streaming, there is no event he can’t rock out. You can find him spinning a variety of events from birthday parties, weddings, corporate functions, school dances, concerts, and clubs. He has shown time and time again that he can provide exactly what his audience is looking for. 

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